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How to Use Duzz Custom Portal

Once Duzz is installed, it is time to use it! Here are the steps:

  1. Now if you are ready to create a test project, go to Duzz Workspace by clicking Duzz Workspace on the WordPress admin top menu bar. You’ll see a table with fields at the top for adding ‘Projects’. Enter information for a client and click ‘Add’. If you enter an email for a client, this will not send them any emails until you later invite them.

  2. Duzz Screenshot
  3. Once the project is added, you’ll notice there is a column that says the project is ‘new’. These are automatic status updates that only work if ACF is installed according to the ACF instructions below.
  4. Click on the project. You’ll then be able to view that project. You can click Invite at the top of the page if you are ready to invite your client to view the project.

  5. Duzz Screenshot

    Duzz Screenshot
  6. Review the project data first. You can type comments/messages into the feed and add to the feed. And update any fields.

  7. Duzz Screenshot
  8. In the feed, any time you post an update it, will email that update to your customer, but only if you have invited them. You must invite them to the project first for them to get any email updates. If the customer created the project themselves though they will get all email updates.

  9. Duzz Screenshot
  10. If you go to the ‘Funds’ section, you’ll be able to create an estimate with line items. You’ll notice as you enter data here it automatically calculates the costs and totals. The price is per unit, so add the number of units, and it will calculate the total.

  11. Duzz Screenshot
  12. When you click to send the Estimate, it will not email this to the client. It will just post it to the feed. So tag the customer in a new comment message if you want to update them. You can update the estimate too. And when your project is finished, you can change it to an invoice.

  13. Duzz Screenshot
  14. When you change the estimate to an invoice, it will add a button to the invoice that your customers can click to make a payment. Once your client makes the payment, it will note that in the feed and you’ll no longer be able to update the funds tab.

  15. Duzz Screenshot
  16. Now if your project is complete and Advanced Custom Fields is installed, update the ‘project_status’ to the final stage which should be ‘Completed’ and update the ‘approved_status’ to No, Closed – Lost, or Closed – Won and the project will be archived.

  17. Duzz Screenshot
  18. You can view all archived projects in the archive tab on the Duzz Workspace sidebar.