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Duzz Custom Portal creates two new custom users types that allow Duzz to carry out some of its functions: the ‘Duzz Admin’ and the ‘Duzz Bot’ user types in addition to the default WordPress user types

Github: User creation on activation code

WordPress User Types

WordPress, by default, comes with a set of predefined user roles that dictate what actions users are allowed to perform. These roles include:

  • Administrator
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber

Each role comes with its own set of capabilities and permissions that define what a user can and cannot do within the WordPress dashboard.

Duzz Admin: A Custom User Type

The Duzz Custom Portal introduces a new user role named Duzz Admin. This role has been tailored specifically for users who need to work within the Duzz Workspace.

Capabilities of Duzz Admin

  • Create projects
  • Edit projects
  • Invite customers
  • Communicate with customers
  • Archive projects


Unlike the default WordPress roles, the Duzz Admin does not have permissions to access the traditional WordPress backend or edit content like blog posts. This limitation is intentional to enhance security, ensuring that Duzz Admins are restricted to their dedicated workspace without interference in other parts of the website.

Working Within The Duzz Workspace

Duzz Admins have full capabilities within the Duzz Workspace. They are not restricted in any form when operating in this environment, ensuring that they can manage and oversee projects efficiently without any hindrances.

Updating main Duzz Admin

Github: Update main Duzz Admin code

Further Duzz documentation: Email Settings and Welcome Message

Mention before in the Duzz documentation, we talked about setting up the ‘Email Settings’ and ‘Welcome Message’ in the main Duzz Settings on the WordPress Dashboard. When you enter in your information for the ‘Email Settings’ this is updating your main ‘Duzz Admin’ with the WordPress user ID of 262 and given the username of ‘owner’. Duzz automatically creates this user account. It is kind of like the ‘Duzz Bot’ because it does things automatically but it appears like it is you.

When your site visitors come to your site and create a project, they are welcomed by a message from you (if you updated the ‘Email Settings’ fields with your info). This begins the conversation with them.

Welcome message

All auto emails also come from your ‘Duzz Admin’ email entered. So you want to enter an email that you want users to be able to respond to. But your email that you enter should be different from your WordPress ‘Administrator’ user account that runs your site.

Duzz Bot

Further Duzz documentation: Bot Settings

The ‘Duzz Bot’ is also created on activation with the WordPress user ID of 176 and the username of ‘bot.’