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Duzz Custom Portal Installation

Watch an installation tutorial video here: How to install

Step By Step Instructions

If you want to use Advanced Custom Fields, follow the instructions to Sync with ACF but ACF is not required.

Also, you can use WP Forms too. Follow the instructions Sync with WP Forms but it is not required.

  1. Now install Duzz. You’ll click Install and then Activate.
  2. Duzz automatically created a sidebar menu for the front end portal on plugin activation. Follow these instructions to set up the sidebar.
  3. Go back to the Duzz Portal settings tab in the admin dashboard to view the main settings page which is just called ‘Duzz Portal’.
  4. Main duzz settings
  5. You’ll notice a few different settings sections on this page. First is ‘List Projects’ where you choose which columns you’ll want to display when viewing your projects list. The default choices are ‘customer_email’, ‘website’, and ‘customer_name’. You can select any data you want to change the columns. duzz column table settings

    NOTE: You may notice I have prevented some choices such as ‘customer_address’ in the table for formatting and technical purposes. But you’ll be able to edit these when you view an individual project.

  6. In the Email Settings section, add your business email, your name, and company name. This affects auto messages and auto emails that Duzz uses so make sure that is updated before use.

    Further Duzz documentation: User settings

  7. Duzz User
  8. Next, in the Welcome Message textarea box, create a welcome message for your customers. This will display in the feed when a site visitor creates a project so you instantly connect with them. Don’t write Hi to start it off because the auto message already says ‘Hi {customer_name}’ when they create a project.Duzz welcome message
  9. Now you need to set the data the Duzz Bot controls. You can check out the instructions for this here.
  10. Finally, the Project Page sections allow you to choose which data and fields to display on the admin view when viewing a customer project.

    changing how to display data on project pages

    Main Data should be the data you want to identify your project by. While it allows you to choose up to 4 for each of these, Main Data should only have one selection. If you have four selections for Main Data it won’t look good on the page. So add any other data you want to display in Header Data. Then the last three fields: Info Tab Fields, Updates Tab Fields and Funds Tab Fields you are selecting which fields you can edit data in. These fields are added to each tab.

  11. changing data to display on project pages
  12. Click ‘Save Changes’.
  13. Now you are ready.