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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this plugin require any additional plugins?

No, this plugin works out of the box but works best with WP Forms and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). When the plugin is installed, it automatically creates ACF fields if ACF is already installed.

Do I need the Pro versions of these plugins?

Only if you need the advanced capabilities of these plugins. Duzz works with the basic versions of WP Forms and ACF from the WordPress repository.

What kind of forms should I add in WP Forms?

Once Duzz Custom Portal is installed, you should add two forms within WP Forms – one for customers to create a project, and one for you to create a project.

Duzz creates ACF fields on installation but does it create WP Forms on installation?

WP Forms backend makes it much more difficult to programmatically add forms and fields on plugin activation. You will either have to add the forms and fields manually. However, the WP Forms Plus version does allow you to transfer forms and fields created from one site to another. If you go to our website, we have a WP Forms file we can send you for free upon request and you can upload it to your site. It adds 2 forms, one for the customer and one for the admin that were created to atomically integrate with the Duzz Plugin so it can save you some time.

Can I create accounts for my employees?

Duzz basic from the WordPress repository creates only one employee type called ‘duzz_admin’ that has full capabilities with no restrictions. So be careful who you trust to add to this. We want to give you everything we can for free and make it open source. However, this is a basic version of Duzz which does not include other employee types. You could add multiple ‘administrators’ or ‘duzz_admin’ but this is not recommended for security purposes.

Is this just a chatbot?

No, chatbots aren’t good at keeping the conversation going after a conversation is finished. They are only really useful for urgent one time conversations. Duzz is more for connecting after a contact form has been submitted and to keep a customer updated over time. I have experimented with integrating with Intercom on my site which allows for both types of conversations, but I am not currently using Intercom and will only offer the integration if there is interest.

Do you have any other integrations?

We plan to offer many integrations. Some have been tested. But our first offering we are keeping it simple to see what users want. We created a very modular approach on the backend with the code so it should be fairly easy to add anything.

We are focused on creating the best customer interactive software available: the perfect WordPress Customer Portal. We will add features based on demand but we really want to open it up to other WordPress developers to add their features so we can focus on the core product. We want to hear from you though as we navigate the direction going forward.

Why is the Duzz Workspace on the front end pages and not the backend WordPress admin pages?

For a few reasons. First, the customer facing page has a similar URL so that you can change the URL to see what they see. It is not possible to link to the customer pages from the backend.

Second, in the future if you decide to add our multi-role / user add-on, your employees won’t have access to your WordPress backend with a password-less zero trust system. So why not just have the same visual they will have so you know what you are getting?

Will Duzz only support a password-less system?

No, it would be very easy to add passwords for Duzz customer and employee accounts. The original system was built with login passwords. But this opens your site up to security vulnerabilities with users using the same login system as your admin backend. We believe our password-less system is more secure. We recommend a hosting provider that has a proven security record. Customers also don’t like creating accounts. Think about how much easier a FedEx tracking number is. Now you’ll have the same type of project tracking system.

Can customers view these admin pages?

No, they are password protected and redirect to the login page. However, make sure to remove the pages from the site index with an SEO plugin.

Is Duzz mobile friendly?

Yes, we designed it for all devices. It has a mobile view for you and your customers.