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Settings for Project Status Bar

Github: Progress bar code

The Status Bar is a great way to visually show your customers at which stage their project is at. This is what your status bar should look like on all your project pages if you properly set it up:

Duzz Status Bar

As you can see it shows your customers how far along you are working on the project for them. But it doesn’t look like that out of the box.

Advanced Custom Fields Settings

Be sure to check out the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) documentation for Duzz before going further as you’ll want ACF installed. If you don’t have Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin installed, then it won’t work. It will be missing from your projects pages. Once you install ACF though, you still have more to do as this is what it will look like after installing ACF:

Duzz Status Bar error

ACF project_status select settings

To make the progress bar work, find the field name project_status and click edit. You will also switch this field type to ‘Select’ as you can see here:.

ACF Fields select

This field controls your progress bar on customer project pages. If this is not updated, the progress bar will show an error. Unlike ‘approved_status’ though, you can customize ‘project_status’ a little more. You’ll be adding the steps in your process here. But you can add as many steps as you want. You should have 2 at the minimum. You can name your steps however you like.

But it needs to be formatted like this: (number)(colon)(space)(name) and pasted in the ‘Choices’ section here: ACF Fields select choices

You can copy and paste these properly formatted choices form here (this isn’t code but placed in a code box for easy copying for you):


1: Welcome
2: Consultation
3: Working
4: Done
5: Payment
6. Completed

You do not need to stick with these choices but you do need your final choice to be ‘Completed’ in order for the Auto Updates to work properly. You can also have as many Stages as you want as Duzz recognizes how many stages you added and calculates how your progress bar should be formatted based on that. But you have to have each stage numbered like we did above.