Now on the WordPress Repository

We are excited to announce that the Duzz Custom Portal is now available on the WordPress Repository. Now anyone can turn their small business into a tech company. Interact with your customers right through your website and send them Stripe Payments.

This plugin was created because nothing existed to do this job. Almost all project based businesses just have static websites with no way to interact with their customers. You’d have to use an outside service to send invoices and make payments. But you should be able to do it on your website.

Customers need to be kept updated about their projects too. You can give them detailed updates in the status feed and updated the progress bar too to visually show them.

This is an open source project so WordPress developers can get involved in the project. Duzz Custom Portal was coded with Object Oriented Programming to create modular functions that can be used again and again by other programmers so you don’t have to start from scratch.

But this isn’t just for coders. We believe in giving access to everyone the same tools that big companies have. Everyone should be in control of how their business operates and not big tech. Anyone can install this plugin within 5 minutes and make their website have the same functionality as any payment service.