Filters added for full customization in latest update

The portal is now more customizable with filters! Version 1.2.0 on the WordPress repository now creates filters throughout all Duzz Portal pages including the table lists, message lists, and project pages have filters so you can fully customize the layout. The filters can also be used as hooks. This allows coders to customize for their … Read more

Just getting started with the WordPress customer portal

With our latest updates we have the most perfect version of our WordPress Customer Portal with Stripe integration but there so much more in store. We are a new plugin but we’ve been working and testing for over two years. We just had to get it out there first but we are always updating. Our … Read more

Now on the WordPress Repository

We are excited to announce that the Duzz Custom Portal is now available on the WordPress Repository. Now anyone can turn their small business into a tech company. Interact with your customers right through your website and send them Stripe Payments. This plugin was created because nothing existed to do this job. Almost all project … Read more