Just getting started with the WordPress customer portal

With our latest updates we have the most perfect version of our WordPress Customer Portal with Stripe integration but there so much more in store. We are a new plugin but we’ve been working and testing for over two years. We just had to get it out there first but we are always updating. Our latest 1.1.6 release is perfection. 

We just integrated with TGMPA so that you can instantly add Advanced Custom Fields and WPForms. All the bugs are fixed and have been tested a million times. Now it is all about adding new capabilities. 

I built this plugin with the idea that it has a specific use, of allowing customizable Stripe payments, and currently there isn’t anything left to upgrade on that end. But now we are focusing on allowing developers to be able to make customized add-ons and integrations.

The plugin is coded with object oriented programming, so basically every function is very customizable. Very little is hardcoded and most functions are factories to allow the function to be used again for other purposes. This makes it very easy to create simple add-on plugins or customizations that do a lot. Because you don’t have to start from scratch.

So what is in store now?

First, we will be adding hooks and filters everywhere throughout the plugin. This will be easier for us than it sounds since we used object oriented programming to create function factories, we will just need to add the hooks and filters in a few places and it will ripple across the plugin.

Second, we will be splitting our list constructor function into two functions: one for comments and one for posts. I originally created it as one because I thought listing comments and posts were so similar why not combined them. But I want to separate them in order to make it easier to create Guttenberg blocks.

So that brings us to the third thing… creating Guttenberg blocks. Once that function is split, we will create blocks for listing comments, listing posts, and post elements… such as our progress bar, tabs, and invoice creator.

Shouldn’t take too long but this will bring capabilities WordPress has never seen before. So I think it is worth it. The main purpose of the Duzz Portal plugin stays the same but we are just making it easier for developers and basic level users to customize their customer portal.