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Github: Featherlight code

Featherlight Library in Duzz Custom Portal

Our plugin utilizes the Featherlight library, a highly customizable lightbox plugin for displaying content in a popup overlay.

featherlight lightbox popup

Integration Method

The Featherlight library has been seamlessly integrated into our plugin to enable the display of images, text content, and other web content in a lightweight modal window.

Usage within the Plugin

Whenever you see content appear in an overlay or modal format in our plugin’s interface, it’s powered by Featherlight. This ensures that users can view content without navigating away from the current page, providing an uninterrupted experience.


We have set default styles and behaviors for Featherlight to match the look and feel of our plugin. However, developers who wish to further customize the appearance or behavior can refer to the Featherlight documentation.

Dependencies & Version

Featherlight relies on jQuery. It’s essential to ensure jQuery is loaded on your website for the Featherlight functions to operate correctly within our plugin. You can verify the Featherlight version we’re using within our plugin’s system information or settings.

Support & Issues

If you encounter issues directly related to Featherlight, the GitHub repository is a great resource. For integration or usage challenges within our plugin, our support team is ready to assist.