Auto Project Updates

Overview Github: Auto updates code The Auto Project Updates feature won’t work unless you set up Advanced Custom Fields on your site first using these instructions. The Updates are displayed in every projects list table in the far right column and also on every projects page above the Progress Bar. Your customers do not see … Read more

Progress bar

Settings for Project Status Bar Github: Progress bar code The Status Bar is a great way to visually show your customers at which stage their project is at. This is what your status bar should look like on all your project pages if you properly set it up: As you can see it shows your … Read more

Post and Comments Lists

Overview Github: Lists and Comments code My thinking in the beginning that lists and comments share similar functions so I should have one function that handles both. I plan on splitting them up into two different PHP classes in the future since they are different and it will simplify handling them each separately. But here … Read more