Featherlight lightbox popup

Overview Github: Featherlight code Featherlight Library in Duzz Custom Portal Our plugin utilizes the Featherlight library, a highly customizable lightbox plugin for displaying content in a popup overlay. Integration Method The Featherlight library has been seamlessly integrated into our plugin to enable the display of images, text content, and other web content in a lightweight … Read more


Overview Github: Select2 code Select2 Library in Duzz Custom Portal Our plugin utilizes the Select2 library to enhance the user experience by making dropdown lists more interactive and user-friendly for Duzz Admin Settings. Integration Method We’ve integrated the Select2 library via Composer, ensuring that we always have the latest stable version and can easily manage … Read more

Stripe Payments

Third-Party Service Integration Stripe Github: Stripe code Our plugin integrates with Stripe to provide enhanced payment functionalities. This means that some data might be transmitted to Stripe’s servers when using the payment features of our plugin. Service Provider: Stripe Service Link: Stripe Purpose of Integration: Our plugin uses Stripe to handle payments and payment-related functionalities, … Read more

Advanced Custom Fields

Duzz Sync with ACF While the Duzz Custom Portal works without Advanced Custom Fields, you won’t get all of the features without it. That includes the progress bar, project stages, auto project updates, approval status and most Duzz Bot updates. Wow those are a lot of features you are missing out on with ACF. The … Read more

WP Forms

Pre-set WP Fields for Duzz If you want to allow your site visitors to sign up for your services through your website, then you’ll need WP Forms for them to create a project (basically an account with your business). You’ll need to connect WP Forms to Duzz Custom Portal We’ve already created a few pre-set … Read more