Getting Started

Introduction Welcome to the official documentation for the Duzz Custom Portal plugin. This document will guide you on how to make the most out of the plugin, with references to other documentation, latest updates, and code examples. Using the Github Repository Our Github repository serves as the central hub for all development-related activities of the … Read more


Duzz Custom Portal Installation Watch an installation tutorial video here: How to install Step By Step Instructions If you want to use Advanced Custom Fields, follow the instructions to Sync with ACF but ACF is not required. Also, you can use WP Forms too. Follow the instructions Sync with WP Forms but it is not … Read more


Introduction Overview Duzz Custom Portal creates two new custom users types that allow Duzz to carry out some of its functions: the ‘Duzz Admin’ and the ‘Duzz Bot’ user types in addition to the default WordPress user types Github: User creation on activation code WordPress User Types WordPress, by default, comes with a set of … Read more

Sidebar Menu

Overview This documentation provides insights into the Duzz sidebar menu creation and activation within the Duzz WordPress plugin. Github: Sidebar code The Duzz WordPress plugin automates several processes upon its activation, including creating a new sidebar menu named “Duzz Sidebar”, registering custom post types, and setting up default company information. Duzz Sidebar Menu Upon activating … Read more

Duzz Bot

Overview Further Duzz documentation: User settings The Duzz Bot is a way to communicate any updates you have made on project without having to make a manual update to the status feed. The bot will post an update to the feed for a project when you make any changes to any fields for a project. … Read more


Frequently Asked Questions Does this plugin require any additional plugins? No, this plugin works out of the box but works best with WP Forms and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). When the plugin is installed, it automatically creates ACF fields if ACF is already installed. Do I need the Pro versions of these plugins? Only if … Read more

Using Duzz

How to Use Duzz Custom Portal Once Duzz is installed, it is time to use it! Here are the steps: Now if you are ready to create a test project, go to Duzz Workspace by clicking Duzz Workspace on the WordPress admin top menu bar. You’ll see a table with fields at the top for … Read more


== Changelog == = 1.2.1 – 2024-02-13 = duzz_add_custom_post in Duzz_Processes updated filters added to duzz_list_posts_table in Duzz_List_Factory hidden fields added to duzz_addColumn in Duzz_Table_Factory duzz_add_list_args updated in Duzz_List_Pages to allow searches that contain values = 1.2.0 – 2024-02-12 = Updated duzz_addChild in Duzz_Return_HTML to add hooks and filters for every HTML element throughout the … Read more