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Github: Auto updates code

The Auto Project Updates feature won’t work unless you set up Advanced Custom Fields on your site first using these instructions. The Updates are displayed in every projects list table in the far right column and also on every projects page above the Progress Bar. Your customers do not see these Updates and are only for you to keep track of projects better. In this example you see that the Auto Project Update is set to ‘Working’:

Project auto updates

Controlling the Updates

If you don’t set up Advanced Custom Fields then the Auto Updates will only display as ‘New’ which is their default setting. But there three other levels of updates: ‘Working’, ‘Completed’, and ‘Archive.’

Working Project Update

If you set up your ACF settings like instructed, the updates will change based on changes you make to a project. Updates will change from ‘New’ to ‘Working’ if you make any changes to project_status fields for a project. ‘Working’ basically means this is a project you are working on. If you change the Project Status from Stage 1 to Stage 2, it will automatically change to ‘Working.’

Update project stage

It will also change to ‘Working’ if you change the approved_status from ‘Under Review’ to ‘Yes.’

Update project review status

Archived Project Update

Now if you change the Approval Status to anything else like ‘No’ or any ‘Closed’ option, then the Auto Updates will change to ‘Archived’ as you will no longer be working on that case.

Completed Project Update

There is a final option though: ‘Completed.’ This only happens if you have updated your Project Status to your final Stage of ‘Completed’ AND if your Approval Status is ‘Close – Won.’ So you probably want to wait to change your Approval Status to ‘Closed – Won’ until after you have updated your Project Progress to ‘Completed’ as it will display as ‘Archived’ otherwise.

Archived List Update

Something else will happen if your project has a Auto Update of ‘Completed’ or ‘Archived.’ It will automatically be moved from your Duzz Workplace list to the Archived list. So all Completed and Archived projects are listed in your Archived list here:

project archive list

Moving project back to Workspace

Now if you want to move any project out of the Archive list back to your Duzz Workspace, you will have to update the project approved_status back to ‘Yes’ or ‘Under Review.’ This is the only way to fix that if you didn’t mean to move it to the Archived list.