about us

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Our Story

Duzz Custom Portal came about to meet a need. Founder, Streater Kelley , created the Duzz Custom Portal for a website design business he was going to start. He was searching for a plugin that does exactly what Duzz can do now: connecting with clients and keeping them informed about the progress of their website project. He decided to turn the website portal into a business instead of building websites.

Our Mission

We want to solve the biggest problem for small businesses: capturing and retaining the customers that are right in front of them. We believe this starts with a personal connection right on your website. Our goal is to help you close the deal and keep those customers.

Every business needs to be a tech company in today’s world, especially when younger customers are used to easily ordering anything with one click. We don’t want you to miss out on the customers that don’t like calling on the phone. Or the customers who waited too long for your email. Connect with them right away and keep the conversation going.

What We’re For

We are a powerful tool for web design and other small businesses to instantly connect with their clients that want you to work on their project right away. Stay connected with them through the whole process. Your clients don’t need to create an account or login. That slows the process down. It’s as easy as tracking a FedEx package.